5 Tips for Luxury Outdoor Entertaining in Atlanta

Make the Outdoors an Extension of Your Home

With its year-round climate, outdoor entertaining in Atlanta takes on a whole new meaning. We recently enjoyed chatting with Masha Carter, President of Cosmic Design Studio, and Peter Michelson, representing Alair Georgia. Their collaboration brings a touch of lavish outdoor entertainment to life, transforming outdoor dreams into tangible realities. Together, they craft spaces that feel like a vacation every day, no matter the season.

“At Cosmic Design Studio, we specialize in creating high-end luxury resort-feel hardscapes. Partnering with Alair Georgia, we focus on crafting immersive outdoor living spaces with meticulous attention to hardscape design. Looking at Atlanta’s outdoor trends, we find they similarly reflect those traditional values and styles that dominate our interior spaces.” – Masha Carter, President, Cosmic Design Studio

“By partnering with Cosmic Design Studio, Alair Georgia offers a complete solution to true custom home luxury. Homeowners can experience the feel of vacation right on their own property, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor opulence.” – Peter Michelson, Regional Partner, Alair Georgia

Tip 1: Go with the Flow

Indulge in expansive views and effortless transitions with multi-slide doors, designed to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Delight in their sleek aesthetics and smooth operation, creating a harmonious blend of visual continuity and spatial versatility. Step from your chic interior to a vibrant outdoor oasis with ease, turning your home into a luxury getaway where every moment feels like an adventure!

Tip 2: Dive Straight In

To elevate your outdoor space with water features, consider incorporating a combination of elements that complement your landscape and design aesthetic. Start by installing a focal point water feature, such as a cascading fountain or a serene reflecting pool, to create a sense of tranquility and visual interest. Integrate smaller water features like bubbling urns, decorative water walls, or meandering streams to add layers of texture and sound throughout your outdoor area.

“Enhance your outdoor oasis with underwater lighting, casting a mesmerizing glow over your water features and creating an inviting ambiance after sunset. By incorporating natural elements like rocks, boulders, and aquatic plants, we seamlessly blend these features into your landscape, adding depth and dimension to your outdoor sanctuary.” – Masha

Rendering of an outdoor entertaining Atlanta space
Cosmic Design Studio pool rendering

Tip 3: Spice Up Your Outdoor Dining Game

Consider incorporating high-end appliances and features that enhance functionality and aesthetics to elevate your outdoor kitchen. Install a built-in grill with multiple burners, a smoker, and a rotisserie for versatile cooking options. Add a stylish outdoor kitchen island with a granite or quartz countertop for food preparation and serving space. Incorporate amenities such as a built-in wine fridge, outdoor sink, and storage cabinets to streamline your cooking experience. Enhance the ambiance with ambient lighting, a pergola or canopy for shade, and comfortable seating for guests to enjoy the culinary delights. Combining premium materials, innovative design, and thoughtful amenities, you can create a luxurious and practical outdoor kitchen perfect for entertaining in style.

“Our teams strive to ensure that each outdoor kitchen design not only redefines our client’s outdoor living and entertaining but also enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of the backyard. Our goal is to provide homeowners with a stunning focal point for gatherings and culinary adventures.” – Peter Michelson

Tip 4: Harness the Power of Fire

Embrace the enchantment of flickering flames with carefully integrated fire features that seamlessly blend into your outdoor hardscape. By strategically placing these elements, you not only infuse your outdoor retreat with the cozy allure of firelight but also extend the usability of your space throughout the year. Whether you’re gathering around a stylish fire pit on crisp autumn evenings or enjoying the warmth of an outdoor fireplace during cooler winter, these features provide comfort and ambiance for year-round enjoyment and relaxation.

Cosmic Design Studio image of fire element rendering
Cosmic Design Studio fire element rendering

Tip 5: Enhance the Evening

Enhance your outdoor retreat to new heights of sophistication by harnessing the power of strategic lighting design seamlessly integrated into the hardscape. Set the stage for enchanting evenings as your outdoor haven transforms into a mesmerizing wonderland illuminated with elegance and sophistication. Incorporate soft, warm lighting to accentuate architectural features and highlight key focal points, creating an inviting atmosphere that dazzles by night. With carefully curated lighting schemes, you can effortlessly enrich the beauty of your outdoor space, ensuring every moment spent under the stars is nothing short of luxurious.


Combining our collaborative efforts at Alair Georgia and Cosmic Design Studio makes outdoor luxury a tangible reality. By seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor opulence, we’ve explored the creation of immersive outdoor entertaining spaces that transport you to the pinnacle of vacation living each day. With expertise spanning pool houses, cabanas, outdoor kitchens, hardscape design, and beyond, our partnership promises to transform your outdoor dreams into luxurious escapes amidst the enchanting beauty of Georgia’s year-round climate.

Alair Georgia has locations in Buckhead, Decatur, Marietta, and Savannah.

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