6 Custom Home Features to Elevate Your Living Space

Unlocking the Essence of Home with Custom Home Features

What makes a house a home? When it feels like you belong there. Alair Greater Atlanta encourages you to explore some of the unique custom home features that can bring your living space to the next level. From innovative ways to marry the interior and landscape to home spaces designed with your personal wellness in mind, there are countless ways to feel at home, at home. Here are six of them: 

 1) Unique Shelving Units 

Maybe you’re a world traveler, have an incredible book collection, or just have a lot of neat vases to show off—your home objects have a story, and unique shelving units, like this one from Alair Buckhead, help you tell it in style. With a striking use of spatial and visual elements, these shelves combine practicality with boldness and flair.

Photo: Alair Buckhead 

Alair open shelf bookcase

2) Window Walls with Breathtaking Views 

You know what they say— location, location, location. Perhaps you purchased your home specifically for its picturesque setting, like a lake or the mountains; or perhaps you’ve got a green thumb and a vision for a beautiful garden. Bring your outside into the conversation with a window wall! This one, from Alair Marietta, elevates the homeowner’s open plan living space by turning the landscape into a striking element of interior design. 

Photo: Alair Marietta

Alair window of walls

3) Indoor/Outdoor Transitional Spaces 

On the subject of bringing the outdoors inside, consider incorporating indoor/outdoor transitional spaces into your next remodel. This Alair Clemson project is perfect for when you want all the coziness of inside alongside the clean breeze and fresh air from outside!  

Photo: Alair Clemson

4) Sauna

Installing a sauna like this one from Alair Scarborough allows you to enjoy all of the health benefits of a good sweat in your own bathroom. And your very own bucket shower to cold-shock your body.

Alair custom sauna and bucket shower

5) Home Gym

Having your own gym right in your home eliminates any excuse not to work out. With the convenience of a personal fitness space just steps away, there’s no need to battle traffic or worry about crowded facilities. Rain or shine, day or night, your home gym beckons with its accessibility and comfort. Whether you prefer an invigorating morning session or a late-night sweat session, the option is always within reach, empowering you to prioritize your health and fitness goals without compromise.

Photo: Alair Calgary

Alair home gym

6) Wine Cellar

Owning your very own wine cellar is like possessing a treasure trove of indulgence and sophistication within the confines of your home. Imagine stepping into a sanctuary where every bottle holds a story, where the air is redolent with the promise of rich flavors and complex aromas waiting to be explored. With your curated collection at arm’s reach, you can transform any occasion into a memorable celebration, whether it’s a cozy evening in with loved ones or an elegant dinner party. As you peruse your meticulously chosen vintages, each sip becomes an exquisite journey, transporting you to distant vineyards and timeless landscapes. With your personal wine cellar, the art of wine appreciation becomes not just a hobby, but a cherished lifestyle.

Alair wine cellar

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