Contractor Hiring Safety Tips: Spring 2024 Atlanta Homes Show

At the Spring 2024 Atlanta Homes Show with Alair Homes, Contractor Hiring Safety Tips were at the forefront of discussions. Your home is your greatest investment. It’s where you relax, play, and make memories— so when you decide to remodel it, knowing how to protect yourself in the process is vital. That’s why Alair Regional Partner David Michelson took to the stage at the Spring 2024 Atlanta Homes Show to offer advice and answer questions about finding a remodeler you know you can trust. David, alongside fellow experts Henry Samler (Investigative Reporter, Atlanta News First), Frank Pape (Construction attorney specializing in contractor homeowner disputes), and Jonathan Livingston (Building Official and Building department manager for the City of Sandy Springs), moderated by Stan Garnet (CEO of Builders America), broke down everything the savvy homeowner needs to know before they start a costly project.

David and the rest of the experts emphasized:

The Paperwork.

  • “You get what you pay for,” David explains, “so you need to make sure your contract specifies exactly what you’re getting.” There are a ton of products out there, so understanding what it is you’re buying means you won’t be blindsided by shoddy materials or poor craftsmanship.
  •  Always have a structured payment agreement. You can be thrown a wildcard on even on the most well-organized of projects, so it’s crucial to pay based on project milestones, and not a reputable contractor will have a reasonable payment schedule that works with both the contractor and the client.”
  • Your contractor needs to pull a building permit before they begin your project. A building permit essentially means that your contractor is subject to oversight— which includes guaranteeing that your project is up to code. A contractor that doesn’t pull a permit can be gambling with not just your home, but your safety.

 The Importance of a License.

 The Company You Keep.

  • Your contractor should understand the importance of project planning and should invest significant time into the process. This means that your project will go smoother and more efficiently, which is easier for everyone!
  • Does your contractor have good friends? Or rather, a strong and reliable network of trade partners? A contractor’s trade partners are an essential part of the remodeling process. If your contractor doesn’t have trades that they can rely on, then you can’t rely on them.

Remodeling involves a significant level of trust, as you’re welcoming someone into your home. Understanding Contractor Hiring Safety Tips enhances this trust, ensuring a worry-free experience for both you and your contractor. At Alair, we prioritize earning your trust and strive to be a business you always feel confident hiring.